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2020 Not Going to Plan?

By Career Advisor on July, 31 2020

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Did you graduate Year 12 in 2019 ready for the world of endless possibilities, travel, freedom and all the good stuff; only to be hit with COVID-19 restrictions putting a dampener on your 2020 aspirations? Well, ladies and gents, it's time to dust off the crumbs, and pause your Netflix because you have a future to organise!

Read on for Our 5-steps to End 2020 on a High Note.

1. Self-improvement 

To feel good, we need to be improving ourselves and our situation, aiming high and shooting for the stars. Now is the perfect time to enrol in a course and get a qualification under your belt. If you enrol in a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care and work hard, you could be a qualified Childcare Educator in time to #newyearnewcareer for 2021.


2. New experiences

Do you love children? Do you consider yourself to be nurturing, good at making people laugh, and a bit of a leader? If so you might be well suited to a career in Childcare. By studying a childcare qualification, you will need to complete a work placement giving you hands-on experience as to what it would be like working in the profession. Speaking of new experiences, people who study a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care may be eligible for a full year of credit off a university degree, contact us to find out how!


3. Light at the end of the tunnel

Working towards achieving your goals and enjoying new experiences along the way may help you to see some light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel (even if it's not quite the gap year you'd planned). Picture yourself six months from now as a qualified professional, working full-time, making a difference to the lives of little ones every day. Does that sound good? If so, perhaps a career in Childcare is for you!


4. Be happy

Embrace change, embrace Plan-B. Keep enjoying the positives changes that COVID-19 has brought to us. Focus on the satisfaction of using this time productively. 


6. Finances

There has never been a more affordable time to study. If you graduated Year 12 in 2019, you could be eligible to study a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care for FREE! Or if you think you'd like to go on to university ask us how a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (from only $140) could shave a year of your university degree!

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