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Six Reasons That Detail Why Working in Childcare Is the Bee's Knees!

By Career Advisor on September, 30 2020

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Watch children develop new skills and confidence. 

As you work each day, you'll be helping children to develop new skills and build their confidence. You'll be helping them to explore new things, build friendships, learn about responsibly and most importantly, have fun! You'll end each day knowing you've made a difference, having helped a child smile and master something new.


Childcare is a growth industry.

Being qualified in Childcare sets you up with a career for life! As more parents return to work after having children, the demand for Childcare continues to increase. Unlike other industries, caring for children can not be replaced with technology. Jobs Outlook Australia predicts there to be "very strong" future growth in the industry.


Opportunities for career progression

Working in Childcare is a fantastic career option for people who have recently finished high school, and career changers alike. This is because to get started, all you need is to commence (and continue to progress through) your Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. You don't need to pour years of time and money into a qualification before you even get started. You'll learn on the job and put your new skills into practice as you go. Some centres may also offer the opportunity of an Apprenticeship or Traineeship. Once you've completed your Certificate III, if you choose - you can then move on to a Diploma to progress your career into a leadership role. 


Enjoy an environment that is creative, fun, and filled with hope.

Unlike corporate careers, a career in Childcare offers the opportunity for creativity – singing, dancing, painting, dressing up, being silly – using your imagination, making up funny games, using funny voices. There's always hope in the environment; children are filled with the drive to achieve, learn and have fun!


Be a part of a community.

You'll be part of a large community. To provide excellent care for the children you'll be communicating with parents, grandparents, carers, other team members, specialists that come into the centre to teach additional skills, entertainers, and of course the children. You'll enjoy seeing the children move up to the next class, hear of siblings being born, and people getting married – you'll be around for it all. 

Flexible working hours.

Many centres operate 12 hours a day which means there are various shifts in the ECEC environment. If you have children, being able to start early enough to be there when your children get home could be a fantastic advantage for you. Or if you like to go to the gym in the morning or sleep in, being able to start late and still get a full days work in is also a great advantage. These extended daycare centres usually offer full-time, part-time and casual positions.


Does this sound like the right career for you? Do you love helping children? Check out our courses page for more information on early childhood education and care qualifications.

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