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A Sensory Play Idea - Wool on the Wall

By Career Advisor on January, 24 2020

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Sensory play has become a hot topic in the Early Childhood Education and Care field, and rightly so. Sensory play is a learning exercise that stimulates the senses and builds new neural-pathways to assist children with language development, problem-solving and social skills.

Early childhood educators play an incredibly important role in the community. Families trust educators to look after their children, help them to learn, eat, sleep and most importantly, to have fun and provide a safe environment. This blog looks at a sensory play idea that you can incorporate into a childcare centre, family daycare or babysitting.

Stick the Wool on the Window


You will need

  • A glass window or door that the children can easily reach
  • Clear contact
  • Wool - or thread
How to set up
Cut a large piece of contact, when you peel the backing off the sticky tape you will need to carefully use sticky tape to stick the contact to the wall as you need the contact to be sticky side out.
Cut lengths of threads and have them on the floor next to the contact, patty cake papers and other light way wrappers can be great for this activity too.

Why it's great
This activity is excellent for children's creativity, fine motor skills, and creativity, and social skills - through creating with others. The activity will activate the senses with the sticky contact, fluffy wool, fine thread, smooth patty cake papers. This activity is also light on resources as multiple children can reuse it.

Sensory activities don't need to be complicated or expensive, children thrive with simple exercises that they can master. Have a look at what you have at home or in the childcare environment; you'll come up with plenty of activities on your own with items that you have on hand.

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