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How to Land a Career Without Going to University.

By Career Advisor on January, 21 2020

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Not everyone is cut out to sit in uni lectures for years on end, but that shouldn't mean that you miss out on having a fantastic and successful career. Read on to find out how you can work your way to becoming the big boss without going to uni. 

You want to have a successful career, but you're not too keen on going to uni? Don't sweat it; we can help you achieve a fantastic career in childcare without stepping foot in a university.

If you change your mind down the track, and you want to go to uni, you'll most likely be eligible to receive credits for the subjects you've completed and shave some time off a degree.

 Read on to learn about the career path from childcare educator to primary school teacher.

 1. Childcare Educator

There are a couple of ways that you can get your foot in the door and secure a job at a childcare centre as an educator.

Option one, be enrolled and studying towards, OR already hold a Diploma of, or Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

Option two, complete an apprenticeship or traineeship. By taking on an apprenticeship (Diploma) or traineeship (Certificate III), you'll be employed and earning a wage, working towards securing your qualification and career while getting paid. If you're under 21, you might even be eligible for a free apprenticeship or traineeship.


2. Room Leader

To be a room leader or room supervisor, you'll probably need some years of experience under your belt and have completed a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. As a room supervisor, you'll be responsible for:

  • managing a team of staff
  • training and motivating staff
  • the overall running of the room ensuring that procedures are met and that there's a stimulating and positive environment for the children. 

In addition to completing your Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, to assist you with gaining skills and being qualified for the role of a room leader, you can upskill with courses like the Team Leader Skill Set and the Building Inclusive Practices Skill Set.


3. Educational Leader

The educational leader is responsible for many important and strategic aspects within the childcare environment. Educational Leaders will:

  • collaborate with educators and to ensure that the correct curriculum direction is being followed
  • support educators as they implement a high standard of programs and practices are being carried out
  • ensure inclusive practices are incorporated 
  • lead the development and implementation of an effective educational program in the service

To be eligible to work as an educational leader, candidates will need to be studying towards a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. The role of an educational leader is a senior position where team leader skills are crucial to the success of the person in the role.


4. Centre Leader / Second in Charge

As the centre leader or second in charge, you will work closely with the centre director to look after the overall running of the childcare centre. This is a leadership position, so upskilling with courses like the Team Leader Skill Set will show your commitment and desire to learn, as well as grow your professional skills. 

As a centre leader or second in charge, you'll be responsible for tasks such as:

  • staff rostering
  • staff training
  • working through enquiries from parents and carers
  • taking parents and carers on centre tours,
  • processing of enrolments 

This role will usually require experience as a room leader and a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.


5. Centre Director / Nominated Supervisor

As a centre director, you will be the "big boss" of the childcare centre. You will be responsible for everything! From interviewing staff, to checking-in with parents, lending a hand to the educators, working to targets and overseeing a P&L. This is a big job! You will need a Diploma or an Advanced Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care as well as at least five years of leadership experience, depending on the size of the centre. Additional professional development will always be valued and look favourable on an application. 

The career opportunities don't stop here, if you're determined and ready to put in the hard-yards you could even become a regional manager or primary school teacher!

There are countless rewarding things about a career in childcare. From witnessing the adorable little things children say, or teaching a child how to use their imagination, sing a song or say that word they've been practising. The beautiful moments are endless. View our courses to find out more information about becoming a qualified early childhood education and care provider.

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