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From Educator to Leader, Stepping Up.

By Career Advisor on January, 9 2020

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A career in Early Childhood Education and Care is one that provides fantastic ongoing opportunities for career progression. From assistant to educator, room leader to centre director and beyond. Read on to find out what it takes to leap ahead in this career path.

Most people who become early childhood educators tend to have nurturing personalities, fantastic people skills, and a love for helping others, all attributes that attract people to this career. To progress your career in early childhood education and care, developing leadership skills is essential. As a room leader or centre director, the ability to lead a team with a clear vision, direction, in a supportive and positive environment takes practice and determination.

In a recent article published on the website Story Park, author Sarah discussed leadership considerations for professionals within early childhood education.

These leadership considerations included;

  • Motivating self and others and how to accomplish this
  • Guiding and positively influencing the decision-making process of educators using a collaborative process
  • Ensuring best practice and the code of ethics is followed by all team members and;
  • Ongoing professional development.

The pathway for a career in education can start within early childhood education and care, and lead right through to a position as a teacher, head of a department or even a principal. The key to working your way up the education ladder is to be always upskilling.

For people who already hold a CHC30113 - Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care or a CHC50113 - Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Care are eligible to enrol in CHCSS00091 - Team Leader Skill Set with us at Venture Education. This course is nationally recognised training and will help educators develop their leadership skills that are key to earning a promotion in the workplace.

The CHCSS00091 - Team Leader Skill Set covers three subject areas, including:
  • Lead the work team
  • Provide workplace coaching, and
  • Reflect and improve your own professional practice.

By taking on the opportunity to up skill in the leadership area, you can expect to develop skills that will help you to coach and mentor, lead a team, and improve practices in the workplace. Students who complete their study will be eligible for credit towards a CHC50113 - Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Care.

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