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By Career Advisor on January, 16 2020

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The balancing act of work, study and socialising is a tricky one to pull off! It's a Catch 22 when it comes to study and work; you need to study to get the job you want, but you need to work to be able to afford to live. Throw in the desire to have fun and socialise and you're in quite the predicament. How do you find enough time to study, work and live your life? This is where the hustle starts! And if you want to move out of home, you'll need even more money! The hustle is REAL! Here are our top hacks to get qualified, make money and enjoy your life.

1. Study online or blended study

If you can find a course that allows you to study online, you can work any hours and as many hours as you like, so you can afford the life you want! You'll also be available to socialise with your friends as you'll be the one to decide what time of the day you want to study. Something to be aware of, if you choose to study online is that you need to be super focussed and organised to make sure you keep on track with your learning so that you'd don't fall behind! 

Our online CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care as well as our online CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Both courses can both be studied online although, with all childcare courses you will need to complete work placement in a workplace to successfully complete your course. This is why we call our delivery a blended delivery.

2. Get an apprenticeship or traineeship

By getting an apprenticeship or traineeship, you take the hustle out of the work/study balance. You will need to do both (work and study) to meet the conditions of your employment. If you choose to take on an apprenticeship or traineeship in Early Childhood Education and Care, within a daycare centre you'll also have plenty of time to socialise as there's generally no night time or weekend work required. 

3. Study Part-Time

By studying part-time, you will no longer be needing to hustle; you can tick the study, work, social life balance as you'll have time for all three. However, you'll need to find your patience with this option as you'll be studying for twice as long. Are you about the journey or destination...?

4. Find a flexible employer or work online

If you can find a flexible employer, you can work in any spare time with full flexibility. For example, if you have any 2-3 hour blocks of time available, then this time can be used for working to earn an income. Blocks of time that would have been too short to get ready for work, travel to work and get back to your next commitment are now available to make money. Websites like Airtasker or Upwork could be a great place to look. 

At Venture Education, we offer full-time courses in Early Childhood Education and Care, (as well as other short courses) and we facilitate apprenticeships and traineeships. For more information, check out our courses online or see our information on Early Childhood Education and Care apprenticeships and traineeships. 

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