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Get a Nationally Recognised Qualification for $100 or less!

By Career Advisor on March, 13 2020

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In Australia, we're so lucky to have easy access to quality education. Whether students study online or at a campus, full-time, part-time or complete their qualification primarily at their place of work as an apprentice or trainee there are so many ways that we can get qualified to secure a profession. 

However, studying can be expensive! Course fees, contribution fees, textbooks, and so on, the costs do add up. Today we've put together three ways you may be able to study for $100 or less!


Apply for a Scholarship with Venture Education 

If you get in quickly, you might score yourself a scholarship as part of our inaugural 2020 Scholarship Program. Eligible students are awarded up to 90%* off their course fees, bringing the total payable fees well in under that $100 mark! For more information, or to submit your expression of interest head to this link.


Year 12 Fee Free

The Queensland Government is doing a fantastic job of supporting year 12 school leavers to help them to transition from high school into the workforce. As part of their plan, they are currently offering all year 12 graduates to study a Certificate III for free - this funding covers the course fees of a Certificate III (applicable to specific courses)! Eligible Year 12 graduates are exempt from paying course fees, as well as student contribution fees under the Certificate 3 Guarantee and User Choice programs. For more information about the Year 12 Fee Free initiative, click here.


Free Apprenticeships and Traineeships for Under 21's

Another fantastic initiative from the Queensland government is their current offer of free apprenticeships and traineeships for under 21's. How do you go about scoring yourself one of these freebies? The first thing you need to do is find an employer who is looking for new staff. It's a good idea to search your local job websites and even to show up in person (just not during the busy pick-up/drop-off times) and introduce yourself to a potential employer. To find out more about free apprenticeships and traineeships, click here.


Venture Education is Queensland's leading early childhood education provider. We offer a range of courses, both full time and part time. Our courses are designed to give students confidence and competence in the workplace. To view all of the courses we offer click here. If you'd like to chat to a careers advisor please call us on 1300037000 or fill in the form on this page



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