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Upskill to Support Children & Families with Complex Needs

By Career Advisor on April, 16 2020

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Most of us are finding that it's tricky business navigating our way through a national pandemic. There's uncertainty, stress, and at times panic in the air. Things have changed. From new social standards (cue elbow bump, foot tap, and social distancing) to work environments and grocery shopping, our world as we know it has changed. 

For some children, their world has turned upside down. Their routine has changed, their social environment has changed, and in many homes, relationships are changing, and so to is the family dynamic. In early childhood education and care settings, educators and leaders are in a fantastic position to help provide care for families and children who need extra support or have complex needs. And now more than ever is the perfect time for professionals to upskill and learn how to support children and families with complex needs.

The Complex Needs Skill Set provides an excellent opportunity for childcare workers to increase their professional knowledge and workplace opportunities.

The skill set covers four subject areas including:

  • Collaborate with families to plan service and supports
  • Facilitate responsible behaviour
  • Support individuals with autism spectrum disorder
  • Reflect and improve on own professional practice

Students who successfully complete this skill set and wish to continue to further their study will be eligible for credit towards a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

To find out more about this skill set, download our course guide, or head to the Complex Needs Skill Set information page

Venture Education is Queensland's leading early childhood education provider, we offer nationally recognised qualifications for people wanting to work on their career pathway in the early childhood education and care industry.

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