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Professional Development - Stand Out From The Crowd.

By Career Advisor on April, 27 2020

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Have you been thinking about your next career move? Is a job promotion on your mind? Have you always wanted to lead a team, or be at the decision-making table? Scoring a promotion can be quite competitive. We want to help you plan your professional development to help you to be at the top of the interview list when the next opportunity for a promotion comes knocking.

1. Up-skill and take control of your professional development

While many workplaces provide ongoing training and development, show initiative in your professional development by taking on additional learning opportunities. Not only will you impress your employer and interviewer with your knowledge, but you'll also gain greater confidence in more specialised areas like inclusive practices, complex needs and leadership putting you in great stead for step up in responsibility.

2. Bring your A-game every day.

 If you're hoping to work your way up the promotion ladder, especially within your current workplace, you need to bring your a-game to work every day. An excellent way to have an advantage over other people applying for the same promotion is to do your best every day, be a standout team member. Be the person that other team members love to be around, be the person that all parents and carers want to speak to at pick up and drop off. Do your best consistently so that when there is an opportunity to take on more responsibility, the interviewer will have already earmarked you. 

3. Pay attention and help others.

Pay attention when you're learning something new, or when a parent or carer updates you with information about their child. When you receive a memo, take notice and take time to absorb the information. Take the time to learn and understand your company's processes and systems; listen and be observant. In doing so, you'll be showing your leaders how capable you are, that you genuinely care and that, importantly, you make other employees life easier as you'll be able to help others and have your leader have full trust that you're doing a great job.

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In addition to the Certificate III in, and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, Venture Education offers the following professional development courses:

To find out more about these skill sets, download our course guide, or head to the courses page on our website

Venture Education is Queensland's leading early childhood education provider; we offer nationally recognised qualifications for people wanting to work on their career pathway in the early childhood education and care industry.

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